Has this ever happened to you?


One thought on “Has this ever happened to you?

  1. Every morning since I have been back in Los Angeles I walk Bella, our big German Shepard. No one can handle her so well like I do because of her power and energy. She has been neglected her walks because once she is out in the street she loves to smell people and other dogs, but it is always mistaken as if she wants to attack them. Now every morning we go on our small walks. One morning, as I was walking Bella, I stumble upon a small family walking towards us. The mother was pushing a stroller as the father was walking next to his little girl. The girl kept crying loudly and the father kept yanking her arm very hard to make her stop but she kept crying harder. I hold Bella very tight and move out of their way. They acted as if I was not there and the father kept screaming at his baby girl to quiet down. Her tears and screams shatter my heart and I just wanted to pick her up and hold her while conforming her that everything will be okay. I stood there looking at them. I could not help it and I wonder why no one was doing anything. Why would anyone just scream at a young child that does not know any better? I stood there thinking, as I saw them walk away, why didn’t I do anything to stop it. Why did I just let her scream and cry in pain while her father looked like he just wanted to throw her.

    Even now I still think why I did not say something or if I could even do anything to stop it.
    -Maribel Lopez

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