When you close your eyes and think of peace what do you see?

Author: Maribel Lopez

When I close my eyes and think of peace I see, feel, and smell many things.

Peace is when you hug the person you love so hard that everything around you does not exist.

Peace is when your love caress your face and hair.

Peace is when you sit in silence.

Peace is when you find other human beings that understands you.

Peace is when you feel like you can be yourself and still belong.

Peace is when you help others that cannot return the favor back.

Peace is a smile.

Peace is when you walk down nature and can feel a small breeze in your skin.

Peace is feeling the water and sand underneath and between your toes.

Peace is connecting with your four legged fuzzy friend.

Peace is a touch. 

Peace is being accepted for who we are while being challenged on how we can be better.

Peace is having love and passion in what you’re doing.

Peace is when everyone fully understands and empathize.

Peace is being lost in thought.

Peace is holding hands and just walking deep in thought and comfort, knowing there is nothing we cannot do and all is okay.

Peace is justice!

Paz es justicia!

Peace. A simple word filled with complexity and meaning.

Peace is when you go on a morning hike and see the sunrise

20140724_061239 Photo credit: Maribel Lopez

Now, my question to you is, when you close your eyes and think of peace what do you see?

If you’re a Holy Names University student please stop by our bulletin board in Brennan Building and add what peace means to you. If not, please comment below what you see when you think of peace!




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