Dr. Martin Luther King Day of Service at Project Open Hand

Author: Maribel Lopez

“What are you doing for others?” -Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 

On January 19, 2015 8 students and 2 staff went to Project Open Hand in San Francisco for the MLK Day Legacy of Service. This was a wonderful opportunity for the students to explore the city of San Francisco by taking BART and give to the community.

Project Open Hand is a nonprofit organization that provides meals with love to seniors and the critically ill.  Their food is like medicine, helping clients recover from illness, stay well, and lead healthier lives.

Every day, they prepare 2,500 nutritious meals and provide 200 bags of healthy groceries to help sustain their clients as they battle serious illnesses, isolation, or the health challenges of old

We all had a great time connecting with the cooks and other volunteers while we chopped onions, broccoli, and carrots! Just knowing that we contribute into helping creating a meal that is going with love to seniors is what made everything worthwhile!

The students enjoyed their time and did not want to leave. The spirit and energy of the group made the experience even more memorable.

Photo: HNU students in service to the community in honor of MLK. #mlk #mlkday


“I had a wonderful time volunteering. It was very meaningful for me to be able to spend my day doing something that would in turn help the community.” -Edward Duncan16342497395_a37a4cf238_z

“Working at Project Open Hand was such a great experience especially because there was such a great group of peers that came along. I enjoyed experiencing something that made me become much more aware of others needs; not just food, but love and care.” -MariaFernanda Cuevas


“Working with Project Open Hand was such a humbling expereince. Being able to work with an organization into the proper nutrition of their clients really touched my heart.” Sydnee Leveston


“I had a great time actually doing something on Martin Luther King Jr. Day to help others. It also hit close to home since my grandmother was sick, so it’s like I am helping her”- Ashley Brice-Digman


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